Performance Profile

Road construction

The superstructure with road construction, civil engineering, civil engineering and road cable includes:

– Planning of transport facilities
– Planning of superstructure and construction measures
– Planning of underground cable
– Measurement of transport facilities
– Measurement of railway facilities
– Creation of inventory base

Signalling Systems

The signalling systems include the following:

– Mechanical, electromechanical interlocking systems
– Relay interlocking systems of type I, II and III (DR)
– Automatic self-block sections
– Computer-based interlocking (ELECTRONIC INTERLOCKING)
– Simplified interlocking technology for branch lines
– Train controlling system (PZB, LZB and ETCS)
– Level crossing safety systems HS 64b EBÜT 80, Lo and electronic BUESA (SIMIS C RBUET, EBÜT)
– Siemens interlocking technology DRS, DRS 2, Sp Dr S60-600
– Thales interlocking technology Sp Dr L20-60
– Interlocking for marshalling yard (RSTW)

Telecommunications equipment

The telecommunications systems include the following:

– BF 80 / MAS 90 / BIFU
– Train radio / telephone systems
– Station communication cable
– Route Cable / GSM-R
– Remote observers plants
– Fire protection concepts

Electrical systems 16.7 and 50 Hz

The electrical energy systems comprise the following:

– Total grounding concepts
– Power supply of interlockings including technical signal power
– Electrical train preheating unit 16.7 and 50 Hz
– Medium voltage transformer stations 16.7 and 50 Hz
– Electrical points heating systems 15 kV 16.7 Hz and 50 Hz 0.4 kV
– Lighting installations in lineside and safety-related areas
– Electrical Power Systems (NSA) in the track area and in business establishments

Project management

The project management include the following:

– Project Management
– Construction Supervision
– coordination services of construction
– Experienced construction supervisor for the administrative regulation for the Construction supervision over road construction, signalling, telecommunications and Electrical Equipment